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Family and Project
The first reference to A Serenada, already with this name, was found in a family will dated 1646. The property has been in the family of Jacinta Sobral da Silva for over 300 years.
Jacinta remembers A Serenada since she was a child, when she accompanied her father, António Gomes Sobral. It was he who one day (more precisely in 1961, at the age of 33) had the beautiful idea of ​​planting “some vines” (Castelão, Baga, Camarate and Bastardo) that would give rise, years later, to the Cepas Cinquentenárias Red. At the time, wine was made in the first own cellar and sold in bulk to friends and friends of friends.
After António Gomes Sobral passed away, his daughter Jacinta continues her father's many years of work and in this way, a new chapter in the history of A Serenada begins in 2008 with the planting of a new vineyard. The construction of the winery in 2009 - and the first licensed winery in the municipality - marks the beginning of the commercial development of the Serras de Grândola brand.
In 2013 the wine hotel project was born, initially with 4 rooms, and expanded with two panoramic suites in 2015, to which two more were added in 2018. Even today, the family component is felt in wines and wine hotel, since many work is carried out with the support and presence of the rest of the family.
The hotel unit arose from our desire to share with others this place that we cherish and that we consider unique. So, from what we conceived to be a family home, we developed a boutique accommodation unit, where we want each guest to really feel at home.
The Team
Jacinta Sobral
Winemaker & Manager
Manuel Silva




The region

The region is marked by two fundamental elements, the Grândola mountain range, where with its cork oak and pine forests, is ideal for the most diverse outdoor activities, such as trekking, cycling or horse riding (check out the “partnership activities” section). The second highlight is the largest stretch of beach on the European continent that stretches from Sines to Tróia, over about 80 km. Highlights include Melides, Comporta and the Tróia peninsula, sought by locals and foreigners for their well-known beaches as well as for the high-level restoration that has marked these regions in recent years.
Below you can find some suggestions to visit while you are at A Serenada: